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Versity Smartphone Series Applications

Built-In applications for optimization that separate Spectralink devices apart from the competition.

The Versity Smartphone series comes preloaded with a range of essential applications for deployment and configuration to meet your business needs.

• Run Device Diagnostic Tests
• Optimize SIP Technology
• Enable PTT without the need for a centralized server
• Optimize Best-in-Class Voice Quality
• Promote Worker Productivity
• Ensure Worker Welfare
• Allow IT managers to configure devices to a corporate standard
• Prevent individual users from making changes

Utility Apps

Biz Phone

The Biz Phone app is Spectralink’s SIP telephony application for Versity devices.

• Uses Wi-Fi telephony through the wireless LAN
• Integrates with call servers
• Manages calls via Multiple active calls, transfer, forward, conference calls, do not disturb, voicemail, and more
• Provides audio options including receiver, Bluetooth, speakerphone, headset
• Displays call history, contacts, LDAP integration
• Offers emergency call management


The Web API app is Spectralink’s application to interface via XML push/pull notifications with external services.

• Enable/disable API function by individual device, group, or enterprise
• Supports JSON and XML
• Customize polling, pushes, and events
• Prioritize messages
• Push ringtones
• Customize event settings for an incoming call, registration, etc.
• Add custom attributes
• Provide links to frequently-used websites

SAM Client

The SAM (Spectralink Application Management) Client app is Spectralink’s application that enables Versity devices to connect with the SAM server. The SAM server is responsible for configuring Spectralink applications. The SAM Client app communicates heartbeat information to the SAM server.

• Set SAM server location
• Enter SAM Account Key for user verification
• Install SAM server certificate
• Establish heartbeat interval
• Trigger heartbeat on-demand to SAM server


Voice Quality Optimization™ (VQO) app is Spectralink’s application for optimizing audio and video calls from Spectralink dialers or other third-party dialers.

• Recognizes audio and video packets
• Prioritizes packets for optimum voice quality
• Allows RSSI threshold adjustments as needed
• Provides channel configuration options (in a later release)


The Logging app is Spectralink’s application for the management of Syslog information by the system administrator for Versity devices.

• Enable/disable logging service
• Configure Syslog server address
• Specify exact logging filters through Android commands
• Offers password-protected advanced debugging access

Sys Updater

The Sys Updater app is Spectralink’s application to check for software updates for Versity devices.

• Checks the software update server for new software
• Informs the user if a new version is available
• Allows the user to download the new version


The diagnostic app allows an administrator to perform diagnostic tests quickly and efficiently prior to considering RMA.

The Home screen has three tabs:
• Info Tab—provides basic software and hardware information
• Tests Tab—lists the hardware tests that can be performed. Tap the icon to run the test and follow the instructions for each test. Tap Pass or Fail to record the results and move to the next test
• Results Tab—displays test results and enables you to generate a QR code to record results or reset the tests


The Device Settings app is Spectralink’s application that provides additional controls for the
system administrator for Versity devices.

In certain situations, you may not want users to control settings. User restrictions options permit the administrator to grant or restrict
• Wi-Fi and Airplane mode
• Time zone, time format
• Keyboard
• Touch settings
• Camera
• Wallpaper

Sound Stage

The Sound Stage app enables administrators and users to control the various system and application volume levels by creating sound profiles.

Sound Stage uses sound profiles to enable administrators to:
• Control volume ranges and set the default volume for system settings (alarm/media/ringer/in-call) and app settings (WebAPI/PTT/Batt Life)
• Set the minimum/maximum and default volume levels of various system and application sounds.
• Configure app rules that configure the phone to apply any particular profile at a specified time

Batt Life

The Batt Life app displays the current condition of the battery and allows the user to adjust charge alerts and other parameters and metrics.

• Easier to use than the default Android battery app
• Set custom alerts, ringtones, and vibrate options by battery usage percentages
• Shows both primary and secondary battery charges
• Indicates number of charge cycles completed

SSO Status

The Single Sign-On (SSO) status app integrates the Biz Phone app with third-party identity management solutions.

It allows sharing one Versity smartphone among multiple users where each user has a unique extension and credentials on the PBX which are also configured in the identity management solution

AMIE Agent

The AMIE agent app allows you to connect into AMIE. The AMIE Analytics system enables administrators to keep track of real-time device metrics on a management console.

When the AMIE Analytics software is installed and activated, the AMIE agent forwards metrics such as battery status and device status, performance, and utilization to the AMIE Analytics system which parses the information and presents it in a GUI interface for real-time system monitoring and management

Productivity/Safety Apps


The Barcode app is Spectralink’s app to activate the industrial-strength barcode scanner built into the Versity 9553, and 9653 and 9253 models.

• Supports 1D and 2D symbologies
• High speed, accurate capture for high demand environments
• Scan range variability for focus adjustment
• Scan light intensity, flash, and audible acknowledgment controlled by the administrator
• Supports all commonly used and recognized symbologies
• Symbology details can be configured
• The ScanFlex feature allows the Spectralink Barcode service to support custom data manipulation for third-party applications

Push-to-talk (PPT)

The Push-to-talk app is Spectralink’s radio multicast app for Versity devices.

• Subscribe up to 25 channels
• Enables emergency and priority channel override
• Offers transmit or listen only options for each channel
• Enables programmable Caller ID
• Shows recent PTT activity
• Provides the ability to select default channel
• Has both soft and hard transmit keys
• Deployable in groups
• Interfaces with Biz Phone calling activity
• Interfaces with earlier Spectralink models


The SAFE app is Spectralink’s application for emergencies. It can be deployed in lone worker environments or where facilities require extra security.

• Provides personal monitoring for mandown functionality
• Offers multiple alarms: no movement, tilt, and running
• Suspends activity via a snooze feature
• Calls an emergency number from a panic button
• Enables panic buttons via an alarm button
• Monitors phone state through status icons
• Alerts graduate from warning to alarm state
• Ring tones are customizable
• Interfaces with security services
• Indicates devices groups


The Buttons app is Spectralink’s application allowing users to program the buttons on Versity devices.

Six programmable buttons:
• Left side, Right side, Top (red), Fingerprint on back, Volume up, Volume down

Assign buttons to:
• Home, Back, Menu
• Scanner, PTT, Alarm
• Fingerprint
• Volume up or down
• Run application

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