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Wi-Fi Intelligence

AMIE for Wi-Fi

Spectralink is leading the way with the ability to support mission critical communications by monitoring user experience on the Wi-Fi network and providing both device and call performance metrics to ensure optimal connectivity.

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  • Device provisioning, Spectralink application configuration and management with AMIE Essentials
  • Spectralink application configuration and management
  • Battery health and maintenance
  • Track missing devices and who had them last
  • Balance device utilization across users, departments or shifts
  • Call quality monitoring
  • Access point signal strength and handoff performance

IP-DECT Intelligence


AMIE for IP-DECT empowers IT teams to keep their Spectralink DECT system running smoothly with fast deployment and easy centralized administration of servers, base stations and handsets.

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  • Easily view system status across all locations, servers, base stations, handsets and users.
  • Rollout new firmware for multiple servers, base stations and handsets with a single click
  • Configure, backup and restore servers including copy and paste
  • Enable/disable handsets and register/delete users
  • Verify software compliance across your DECT networks
  • Automate backups and remotely restore for disaster recovery


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