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How Can Software Assurance Help You?

Spectralink Software Assurance is specifically designed to complement and protect your existing Spectralink DECT solution. Software Assurance entitles you to all available software upgrades, including new features, service updates and security enhancements to mitigate the risk of data loss/breach over your subscription period.

Access to the latest features and security

Keeping your systems and applications current, you protect your investment while providing your business with the latest communications tools to stay competitive in today’s marketplace, that helps to increase your bottom line. With regular security upgrades, you are protecting the life-blood of your business, your data, safeguarding your business operations, from external and internal threats. With Software Assurance you will receive the cutting-edge features that address the ever-changing business demands and enhance your business operations, driving your employee’s productivity.


Software Assurance Benefits

  • Latest DECT security enhancements to maximize up-to-the-minute technology advancements to mitigate risk
  • Latest software enhancements and new features; Including enhancements to our interoperability e.g. Microsoft Teams and Cisco
  • Bug fixes

All ensuring your DECT solution delivers optimum performance to maximize your return on investment and your business remains efficient.

Keeping You Connected

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