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Versity 92 increases frontline worker capabilities by providing voice, information, and communication tools at their fingertips.

Equipped with Spectralink’s best-in-class voice technology, Versity 92 is the ideal solution for communication and collaboration. As part of our Versity family of solutions, Versity 92 Series features applications for task management, inventory, loss prevention, and employee safety and is the one device your mobile workers should have in hand. The sleek and compact device combines scanner, walkie-talkie, badge, and cell phone into one streamlined mobile solution saving time and money while also increasing productivity and operational efficiency. Designed with the user in mind, the narrow form factor is easy to grip and use with one hand or store in a pocket, weighing about 30% less than competitive devices. Implement the Versity 92 solution to empower your mobile workforce and improve customer and patient experiences.


  • An award-winning, light weight and sleek design that’s as intuitive, versatile, and portable as a personal smartphone but with the power and durability of an enterprise device.
  •  Crystal clear voice quality through engineering focus on QoS (Quality
    of Service). Optimized roaming between Access Points (APs) with a prioritization of voice over data for no interruption to the user and no delayed or missed calls for more effective communication and collaboration.
  • IP65 rated; Rugged right out of the box without the need for a protective case. Built with quality Dragontrail™ glass, a recessed screen, and reinforced design, Versity 92 will perform even if dropped, exposed to water, or faced with other harsh environments, and it can be used while wearing latex gloves.

Open Platform for Optimized Workflow Applications

Mobile applications available for the Versity 92 Series capture real-time data such as business inventory, employee efficiency, and customer satisfaction, resulting in increased net revenue and productivity. The mobile applications from our world class partners also reduce manual work, manual documentation, and manual errors, and foster a more personalized patient and customer experience.

One Device for Communication and Collaboration

Versity 92 Series is a compact, all-in-one solution. With its 4” touchscreen,
optional scanner, and durable design, Versity 92 is ideal for retail, healthcare, and manufacturing environments. Versity 92 features native voice, messaging, conferencing, scanning, Push-to-Talk and employee SAFE applications as well as integrations with other leading industry applications necessary to get the job done. Through these applications, users can easily respond to customer or patient needs and teammate requests, check inventory, access internal databases or other information and make calls on the move all at the same time. Versity 92 is the ultimate communication and collaboration tool for optimized productivity and communications, leading to an improved work environment and increased net revenue.

Mobile intelligence Platform

Complete your Versity 92 Series solution with AMIE (Advanced Mobile Intelligence for Enterprise). AMIE is a dashboard that provides answers and solutions to the biggest questions post-deployment on your Spectralink devices. Through AMIE, IT and Telecommunications administrators can easily manage and deploy their fleet of smartphones, diagnose issues, assess call performance, check battery status, locate their devices and much more to keep their mobile workflows operating smoothly, increasing efficiency and getting the most out of their investment.

Why Our Voice Quality is Superior

  • Engineering-optimized chipsets. Unstable chipsets lead to seconds of lost audio, a delayed ring, or a missed ring altogether, which negatively impacts voice critical environments like patient care or customer service where every second counts.
  • Enhanced roaming and scanning between access points. Most other devices use a radio connected to certain frequencies to determine access points. Instead, your Spectralink device is constantly communicating with Access Points (AP) on the Wi-Fi network to understand if they have a good connection and if not, roaming to a better AP as quickly as possible.
  • Spectralink Wi-Fi device focuses on QoS (Quality of Service) and can identify when you’re on a call to ensure that voice is always prioritized over data.
  • Optimized microphone design and placement for noise suppression and echo cancellation on every call. Mobile workers in fast paced environments do not need to worry about sweat or makeup clogging a microphone and can ensure clear communication on every call, even in noisy environments.

With Spectralink you get:

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  • Market-leading enterprise wireless voice. With our proprietary noise suppression and echo cancellation
    capabilities (Voice Quality Optimization™, or VQO™) you get crystal clear voice quality you can count on
  • Access to our world-class ecosystem of application partners to ensure your workers have the tools they need to get the job done
  • The best call control UC interoperability in the industry – 30+ years of experience integrating with leading UC platforms


How Versity 92 can support your industry

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