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Modern Healthcare in Motion 

New treatments, technologies and data sources are redefining how healthcare is delivered. Clinicians are required to communicate, collaborate and securely access sensitive data while providing exceptional patient care in an increasingly mobile environment. While this new wave of healthcare delivery holds promise, many hospitals are constrained by outdated clinical communications systems and disparate data sources. This lack of cohesion can result in inefficient workflows which can impact patient satisfaction, clinical safety and resource optimization.

Modern Healthcare requires that specialists and caregivers have access to critical data from multiple sources. Spectralink clinical mobility solutions provide the platform in which to unify data sources and workflows. This ensures that clinicians have secure, immediate access to the most up-to-date patient information – streamlining productivity and improving patient care.

Wherever you are – you need critical information at your fingertips

  • Receive data directly,  wherever you are
  • Monitor alerts, test results, medication status, infant protection
  • Reduce response time
  • Improve patient satisfaction
  • Minimize stress and footsteps
  • Prioritize needs and manage alarms 
  • Maintain activity log and archives

Healthcare is an inherently mobile business. Nurses, physicians and technicians often have to go to the patient, so they need full access to EHRs and other information wherever they are. That’s why phones are a necessity of care. The rise of digital information means caregivers need more of that information at the bed side, close to the point of care. 

 Clinicians are using mobile devices to collaborate, access the patient’s EMR, and do many of the tasks that previous only happened at a workstation.

Spectralink clinical mobile communication solutions

Spectralink empowers hospitals to deliver better patient care with our clinical mobility solutions that integrate seamlessly with hospital networks and leading healthcare applications. With 30+ years of experience serving the healthcare market, our solutions offer superior voice quality and secure, compliant data access throughout a healthcare facility. The benefits of clinical mobility include:

  • Improved workflows
  • Better communication and collaboration among care team members
  • Enhanced safety and security
  • Efficient resource deployment
  • Faster clinician response time
  • Optimized costs
  • Clinicians get to spend more time with their patients
  • And most importantly, better patient outcomes and satisfaction

Clinical Communication

It takes a village to provide stellar patient care, and Spectralink devices let nurses, doctors and other care team members collaborate faster and more effectively. Having patient records and current information at their fingertips improves care coordination, reduces the potential for errors, streamlines workflows and enables clinicians to spend more time with their patients where it matters the most.

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Seamless EHR/EMR Integration

Our robust Android smartphone integrates easily with Electronic Health Record (EHR)/Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems such as Epic and Cerner, letting clinicians access and update patient information right at the point of care.

Learn More About our EHR/EMR Integration

Secure Data Exchange

Spectralink devices let clinicians safely exchange critical information via real-time secure text messaging from partners like Imprivata, PerfectServe, TigerConnect, Spok and Connexall (pictured here). This enables hospitals to meet North American HIPAA-compliance standards while accessing lab results or monitoring surgeries. Caregivers can share the latest updates on their patients, knowing this information will always be secure.

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mobile tech for care team safety

Nurse Call Systems

Nurses can address patient needs faster and more efficiently by getting notifications while on the go when a patient requests assistance. This leads to higher patient satisfaction which, in North American, means improved HCAHPS scores.

Learn More about Nurse Call Systems

Patient Monitoring

With Spectralink mobile devices, the clinician’s connection to their patients remain strong, even when they are away from their rooms. Spectralink devices provide large color displays that are readable in various lighting conditions. Patient vital signs and waveforms are easily accessed and readable – even on the go.


Clinical Safety

Spectralink devices are designed specifically for mobile caregivers, letting them request resources and assistance quickly in emergency situations.

Rugged Durability

Whether they’re dropped on hard surfaces or sterilized with harsh cleaning agents – our purpose-built wireless devices stay intact and functional in busy, demanding healthcare environments.


Purpose built devices

Our clinical mobility solutions

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