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Solve your hospitality communication challenges

Spectralink solutions mobilize hospitality employees, enabling the delivery of superior customer service to guests 24/7. For your customers, understanding their needs and preferences, and acting accordingly to deliver personalized service is the key to great reviews, repeat business, and operational efficiencies. Customer knowledge delivered through Spectralink solutions and purpose-built applications ensures staff can instantly respond to all requests, transforming the guest experience.

Your enterprise hospitality communication solution

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Customer experience

Guests expect flawless, personalized experiences. Dirty rooms, slow service, or botched orders create unhappy guests and ultimately, damage brand perception. Businesses can avoid this by ensuring their staff members are armed with wireless devices and applications to support improved workflows and collaboration and to ensure they have data that enables them to tailor services to guest preferences. Spectralink wireless devices allow staff across departments to easily share information with one another via voice and text.

Facility management and maintenance

Hotels, resorts, and cruise ships require daily maintenance across significant square footage. Reliable communication can ensure repairs and upkeep are completed without disturbing guests. Spectralink devices are designed to work on existing Wi-Fi infrastructure so staff won’t drop calls no matter where they are. The devices’ superior voice quality and push-to-talk feature allows teams to communicate even when they’re outside or in other noisy environments. They’re designed to be durable for all environments, standing up to drops, spills, and other hazards.

Improve/automate staff workflow

Staff are busy and need to cover a lot of ground during their days. Face-to-face conversations and emails can take valuable time away from guest services. Beyond enabling quick, wireless communication between staff members, Wi-Fi-enabled devices support applications that automate workflows and point-of-sale transactions, providing guests with better on-demand services such as mobile ordering. Wireless devices allow employees and line of business teams to communicate in real-time via voice and text, eliminating delays and helping route the closest staff member to perform tasks or fulfill guest requests.

Employee and guest safety

A safe environment is crucial for maintaining or increasing customer and employee loyalty, and for minimizing the costs associated with lawsuits and reputation damage due to accidents or malicious behavior. Maintaining a safe environment is an integral part of providing a positive guest experience. Spectralink devices give staff the ability to quietly notify security personnel about risks through secure messaging while maintaining a calm environment. Spectralink’s panic button, built-in motion detectors, and push-to-talk features ensure that security, and all lines of business, are able to communicate in any situation.

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